Transportation Policies & Costs, Global

Discover which types of transportation benefits companies typically offer and understand their associated costs.

Many companies are moving toward a greener future and transportation related benefits have expanded beyond a company car. Understanding local market practices will allow you to determine which type of offering will help your company remain competitive.  Review and evaluate policy and cost elements for a selection of transportation benefits to help guide and manage your own policies.

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Transportation Policies & Costs
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Manage your transportation benefits efficiently and effectively.

Transportation Policies

  • Transportation benefit overview
  • Green policies
  • Company-owned vehicle policies
  • Company-leased vehicle policies
  • Car allowance policies
  • Other transportation benefits

Transportation Costs

  • Vehicle costs
  • Car allowance estimates
  • Rental car estimates
  • Public transportation
  • Typical employer vehicle costs
  • Additional information, including fees, taxes, insurance, driver information, road conditions

Note: "Additional information" available in global online and single market PDFs only; not included in the region Excel report.

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Current release: May 2024

Next release: May 2025

Languages: Online version can be viewed in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Item type: Online subscription or downloadable file

Type explanation: Global online subscription renews annually unless otherwise indicated.

Market coverage: A global online subscription includes 12 months' access to market-specific data for all available markets. Transportation Policies Online includes PDF downloads.
Transportation Costs Online includes Excel and PDF downloads. Transportation Costs region Excel reports include access to market-specific data for all available markets within the selected region.

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