Virtual Workshop: Mobility Compensation & Benefits, Asia

An introductory course to expatriate compensation approaches, benefits methodologies & composition, guidance purpose & principle, and more!

30 October 2024 | 3pm – 5:30pm SGT

The course is provided virtually through the Zoom platform

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What will you learn?

During the workshop, participants can expect to learn about various aspects related to mobility compensation and benefits, including:

Global Compensation Strategies: Participants will gain insights into developing and implementing compensation strategies that align with the organization's global mobility objectives. This may involve understanding different compensation structures, allowances, and incentives for mobile employees

Cost of Living and Location Factors: The workshop may cover how to assess and factor in the cost of living differences between home and host locations when determining compensation packages for mobile employees. Participants will learn about various methodologies and tools used to calculate cost-of-living adjustments.

Tax and Legal Considerations: Understanding the tax and legal implications of compensation and benefits for mobile employees is crucial. The workshop may provide an overview of tax equalization, tax protection, and tax optimization strategies, as well as compliance with local employment laws and regulations

What will you learn?

During the workshop, participants can expect to learn about various aspects related to mobility compensation and benefits, including:

Workshop Agenda:

  • Long-term Assignment: Understand the importance of adhering to payroll principles and utilizing the balance sheet approach for pre-assignment preparation.
  • Expatriate Compensation: Cash Allowances: Learn to recognize the various types of cash allowances, including cost of living allowance (COLA), per diem allowance, hardship/location allowances, and mobility premiums.
  • Expatriate Compensation: Learn the different approaches to expatriate compensation, such as the host-based approach and hybrid regional approaches.
  • Long-term Assignment: Learn the significance of pre-assignment relocation support and ongoing support throughout the assignment to ensure a successful experience for the assignee.

Why attend?

  • Enable participants to build capabilities required to help organizations attract, retain, and support their mobile workforce effectively.
  • Understand the various compensation approaches in line with different assignment categories.
  • Be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of compensation and benefits in the context of global mobility.

Who should attend?

  • Early career mobility practitioners
  • In-house HR professionals
  • Compensation and benefits specialists, and anyone involved in managing global mobility programs within organizations.

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