Skills Map, Global

Skill mapping, customization and validation made easy.

The first step towards incorporating customized skills into your talent and reward strategies is mapping skills to your jobs.

  • Quickly map all of your jobs to Mercer Skills Library using a proprietary Artificial Intelligence matching algorithm to establish a baseline of skills.
  • Customize skills for your organization
  • Validate, refine and adjust the skills mapped to your unique org structure
  • Export jobs with validated skills

Mercer Skills Library subscription required for purchase of Mercer Skills Map.

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Skills Map, Global
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Leading organizations use Mercer Skills Map to incorporate customized, validated skills into their talent strategies quickly and efficiently. Here’s why:

  • Streamlined. By leveraging our proprietary AI to automatically suggest job and skill mappings, you can quickly review, adjust, and validate skills for your unique job structure.
  • Based on market data. We utilize industry-leading partner skill databases that constantly scan millions of online job profiles and descriptions to obtain the key skills information that informs Mercer Skills Library.
  • Curated. Mercer experts curate our Skills Library, the foundation of Skills Map, to remove “noise” in the data and create meaningful structure, eliminating the need for you to dig through copious, minimally-structured databases.
  • Up-to-date. We update our Skills Library regularly throughout the year to surface new and emerging skills and provide insights on how skills are changing, and which skills are becoming obsolete. Skills Library data refreshes are automatically incorporated into the Skills Map AI model to ensure you start with a baseline of skills that reflects the most up-to-date market demand insights.

Use Mercer Skills Map to:

  • Receive skill mapping recommendations using our proprietary AI model to establish a baseline of skills relevant to your jobs;
  • Customize the skills for each job;
  • Assign proficiency levels to your skills for each job;
  • Conduct reviews and validate skills within the application;
  • Export your mapped data.
Skills Map Screenshot from DashboardSkills Map Screenshot from Dashboard

Mercer Skills Map can be used for recruiting, talent assessments, career pathing and other talent and rewards initiatives.

Example use case: Career Pathing

Unlock your organization’s full potential!

Are your organization’s team members feeling stuck in their careers, craving more career growth and opportunity? Are you struggling to bridge the gap between your employee’s current skills and the skills required for those coveted “next” job roles? It's time to take control of your talent pipeline and provide your employees with a clear path to success.

Enter Skills Map, the software application that empowers your organization to bridge the skills gap and guide your team members towards their ideal career trajectories. By understanding the skill needs for those "next jobs" and identifying the common and new skills required, you can guide your employees on their path to success.

Skills Map allows you to establish a baseline of common and emerging skills powered by the curated content of Mercer Skills Library, then quickly configure, review and approve the skills needed for your organization’s jobs, providing a guide to compare against existing and new employees to establish their career path and ensure your organization’s talent landscape can evolve as the needs of the business change.

Are you ready to empower your employees and transform your organization's career development process? Explore Skills Map now and unleash your team's full potential! With Skills Map, you'll no longer need to "fly blind" when this valuable information is at your fingertips.

Mercer Skills Map is an add-on to the Mercer Skills Library. Once you receive access to Skills Map, you can immediately upload your jobs and view suggested skill baseline mappings.

Mercer Skills Library is a comprehensive skills taxonomy that features proprietary skill definitions,  a multi-level skill categorization hierarchy, skill type categorization, (Technical, Behavioral, Qualification), suggested skill proficiency ranges, rank of skills by demand in job postings, and region-specific skill indicators.

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