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Only 12% of companies formally monitor supply and demand of skills

The skilled talent you need may be working for you today, but will they be there for you tomorrow? As industries develop and organizations change and grow, skill gaps appear, and certain skills become obsolete. To propel your organization forward, you need to fill those skill gaps efficiently, either through precision hiring or by redeploying or reskilling employees. Many organizations are finding it challenging to make timely decisions about whether to reskill, recruit or outsource for a particular skill because they lack good information. While 80% of companies recognize that using skills-based approaches to rewards would help with attraction and retention, only 12% of companies formally monitor supply and demand of skills. We can help.

Introducing Mercer Skills-Edge Suite

Mercer Skills-Edge Suite is an integrated service offering of consulting, technology and data that gives you the information and insight you need to advance skills-based talent and pay practices across your company.

Understand which skills you have and which skills you need

Set up your organization for a successful future by implementing a robust skills strategy. By proactively filling skills gaps and paying for the skills most important to your organization, your team will become more agile, flexible and future-proof.

Balance your short-term tactical needs with longer-term transformational objectives with these flexible products under Mercer Skills-Edge Suite.

A skills taxonomy based on market data, curated by Mercer and mapped to the Mercer Job Library. Knowing what skills your organization will focus on is the first step in using skills data to support your organization’s strategy.
This self-service web application reports which skills influence the pay of a selected job. Through this skills-based market approach, you can determine which skills are most valuable to your organization in attracting and retaining in-demand talent.
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An AI-driven tool designed to arm organizations with intelligent pay at the employee level - based on business strategy - combining skill scarcity and business criticality, along with other business-related employee performance data.

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