Life Sciences Compensation Survey (MLS) Membership Program, Global

MLS Membership Program enhances the value of the information services Mercer provides to you.

Being a member unlocks a discounted rate as well as a personal client relationship where we partner with you to meet your organizational goals.

Choose between:

  • Complete access to the entire global database, under the MLS Global Membership Package offering discount of over 50%, or
  • a flexible MLS Regional Package including the countries of your choice.
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Mercer Life Sciences Compensation (MLS) Membership Program

Members enjoy access to Mercer Life Sciences Compensation Survey – reliable, up-to-date data and insights on compensation and benefits practices within the Life Sciences sector, underpinned by a globally consistent methodology and one job catalog. MLS offers data for over 2 million incumbents in 90 locations worldwide – and is still growing!

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What are the benefits?

  • Take advantage of special pricing arrangements with a membership discount applied to current and future purchases
  • Move away from typical "vendor relationships" and enjoy the benefits of a true partnership where you control the agenda based on your business needs
  • A dedicated client relationship manager to act as one point of contact, plus different local contacts where desired
  • Minimal administrative effort – make the most of global coordination for participation, invoicing and delivery
  • Consistent complimentary webcasts covering how to use Mercer Data Connector – our online survey participation application tool – and Mercer WIN® – our online data analysis and survey results delivery tool.

What else can be part of my membership?

In addition to Life Sciences surveys, Mercer offers a variety of other products and solutions that can be included in your membership. Click each offering for more information.

Mercer's Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) is the world's largest and most comprehensive employee compensation resource for the general industry. It’s simple, easy to use and compares compensation and benefits data consistently across geographies. TRS provides accurate, high-quality data covering the full rewards package – from base pay to total remuneration and benefits.

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MERG  provides the market data and analytical tools to support executive remuneration programs for leading organizations in Europe. MERG covers all aspects of total remuneration for 40 benchmarked positions at the executive board and next two reporting levels. The guides provide consistent and accurate market data, covering the full reward package, including all forms of cash remuneration, incentives and benefits. The surveys are available in 12 markets across Europe and you can pick and choose flexible access packages based on countries where you need it.

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TAAP+ is a subscription-based platform providing easy access to the data, tools and insights you need to help lead your organization through any circumstance and toward success. Gain exclusive access to calculators and tools, designed to complement our data products. TAAP+ allows you to proactively manage your benefits and budgets, compare pay around the world and adjust policies to how you choose to work.

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