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Mercer Life Sciences Compensation Survey (MLS) provides you with reliable, up-to-date data and insights on compensation and benefits practices within the life sciences sector to ensure your reward packages remain cost effective and competitive.

This comprehensive data resource encompasses the full rewards package, drawing insights from a vast pool of data collected from over 6,000 organizations and more than 2 million employees worldwide.

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Align your talent strategies to the market

The Mercer Life Sciences Compensation Survey (MLS) covers a broad selection of hundreds of benchmark positions, ranging from industry-specific functions such as Preclinical and Clinical Development, Medical Regulatory Affairs, Medical Field Sales, Market Access and Scientific Patenting, to support functions such as Finance and Human Resources. Our extensive industry databases contain a wide variety of Life Sciences organizations from sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Contract Research and Medical Devices.

An extensive catalogue of Life Sciences specializations are surveyed, including:

  • Animal Care
  • Biopharmaceutical R&D
  • Clinical Education
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Trial
  • Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control
  • Discovery Biology
  • Engineering
  • Field Sales Engineering
  • Government and Managed Care Pricing Analysis
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Market Access Strategy
  • Medical Affairs
  • Medical Devices Research
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Representation
  • Medical Scientific Liaison
  • Medical Writing
  • Microbiology/Bacteriology Research
  • Nutritional Product Education
  • Patient Education
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Product Safety Surveillance
  • Pharmaceutical/Biological Process Development
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Product Marketing and Management
  • Regulatory Affairs Sales
  • Science R&D Analytics
  • Translational Medicine
  • Veterinary

Discover our regional offering

In locations where the MLS may not be available, we offer the Life Sciences Industry Supplement providing quantitative information on positions specific for the industry. The schedule for the Supplements (data submission, effective dates and delivery of results) is the same as for Total Remuneration Survey (TRS), so there is no need for additional steps!

Mercer’s Life Sciences Consulting offering in Asia Pacific takes a unique and holistic approach to providing your industry-specific needs. Since 2005, Mercer is proud to be the selected vendor of the Pharmaceutical Human Resources Association (PHRA) .

At the heart of Mercer’s Life Sciences Consulting offering stands the PURPOSE Survey. With the aim of connecting Rewards Leaders across the region, PURPOSE holds two signature Life Sciences Forum meetings annually.

Over the years, the Forums have continued to evolve to include leading Medical Device companies. These Forums provide a comprehensive overview of the Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Devices industries, identifying common trends across the industries, while also deep diving into talent trends specific to Asia Pacific.

What does PURPOSE entitle you to?

  • Two face-to-face regional meetings per year
  • Two spot polls – key topics proposed by members and agreed to by the Steering Committee
  • Exclusive access to the membership lounge for up to two persons per company
  • Special discounts

Contact us to learn more:
Disha Kaushal
Regional Industries Leader

Fidelia Beatrice
Regional Rewards Analyst

Justina Tay
Regional Rewards Analyst

Mercer is proud to partner with Medtech Canada , the national association created by and for the Canadian medical technology industry, to bring clients high-quality , industry-specific data.

Why participate in the Canada Mercer Life Sciences Survey?

  • Access exclusive data only available to participants.
  • Access extensive job catalogue that aligns with your organization structure.
  • Access fully customized analysis using Mercer WIN®
  • Compare positions year-over-year; analyze base salary, incentives, and total direct compensation by revenue, geographic location, peer group, and more.
  • Review sales data in a more refined manner.
  • Organize data by  sales channel and product line (capital equipment, durable goods, consumables/disposables, and implantable devices) for additional insight and analytics.
  • Choose from multiple purchase options.
  • Buy only medical devices data or data from across life sciences (medical devices, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and related areas).

If you have questions regarding the survey or the participation materials, please call a Mercer Representative at: 866 605 1031 or email us at .

Mercer networks with the leading industry companies to create a unique place for Reward professionals to connect with each other, learn from best practices and access the latest industry information.

Our industry data provides valuable insights to compensation & benefit trends in 38 markets across Europe.

Key benefits:

  • Networking: an opportunity to meet your peers to discuss industry themes, hot topics and share best practices.
  • Insights: dedicated & tailored industry-specific research to capture and share trends that impact the industry.
  • Data: extensive compensation & benefits data for the Life Science industry across all major European locations at preferred rates.

Subscription terms and conditions

  • Members are required to submit data for all European locations.
  • Purchase Mercer Life Sciences Surveys via our available Forum discounted packages (no additional charge for attending forum networking events and receiving industry insights as this is covered under forum participation)
  • Survey Package = minimum 5 European Surveys need to be purchased.
  • In order to subscribe, you will be required to complete a subscription form .

Get opportunity to shape, influence and develop best HR practices for the Life Sciences industry in the region.

Subscription terms and conditions:

  • Members are required to submit data for all LATAM locations that they have presence in.
  • Data submission is required in full census for each country applicable, including industry specific and generic roles.
  • Data must be submitted on time and good quality for all positions, including Executives.
  • Purchase a minimum of 4 Latin America MLS Surveys in the region (no additional fee to be a Forum member).
  • Companies should attend survey meetings and participate on spot surveys.
  • Representatives are expected to be experienced and knowledgeable about the total compensation programs of the company.

Contact us to learn more

Kaline Sousa

LatAm LACBF & MLS Forums Project Manager

Get an opportunity to shape, influence and develop best HR practices for the Life Sciences forum industry in the region.

Key benefits:

  • Benchmarking with premier Life Sciences companies
  • Tight networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to shape, influence and develop best HR practices for the Life Sciences forum industry in the region
  • Ability to conduct quick polls and share knowledge in special interest pertinent to the forum members
  • Regular invites to events throughout the year included in membership

Subscription terms and conditions

  • Contribute to the forum by bringing fresh perspectives and thought leadership
  • Ensure senior HR leadership represents the company for meetings, no deputizing to junior staff
  • Submit as much data as possible for all locations where the company operates.
  • Data must be on time and good quality for all positions, including executives
  • On-time payment of membership fee (membership fee is renewed every year in January)
  • Company cannot miss more than one of the two forums in a calendar year

Contact us to learn more:

Razan Simaan
COE Leader for Industry Forums across the Middle East and Africa

Sabina Samad
Consultant, Middle East

Vuyisa Sikunyana
Consultant, Africa

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