Workshop: Generative AI for HR Leadership, Europe

Generative AI is poised to reshape work and the HR function by automating complex tasks, enhancing productivity, and unlocking creativity.

Its ability to generate novel ideas, assist in problem-solving, and streamline workflows empowers professionals across industries. Leveraging AI enables us to focus on higher-value work, foster innovation, and adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This workshop is a highly condensed exercise for HR Leaders to become pro-active in dealing with Generative AI within their own organization.

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Workshop: Generative AI for HR Leadership, Europe

Built on years of experience in Mercer’s Workforce Transformation and HR Transformation project work, the workshop will ensure HR leadership teams are:

  • Informed on the impact of Generative AI
  • Aligned on the consequences for their organization, their workforce, and their function
  • Equipped with high-level objectives

What to expect during the 2-hour workshop (virtual or in-person):

  • Presentation and showcase: Impact of AI
  • Discussion on relevance
  • Co-creation of objectives and areas of activities
  • Discussion of next steps

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