Workshop: Agile Organisation Design, Global

HR plays a pivotal role in navigating talent challenges into business success.

Challenges such as competing priorities, limited capabilities, and unsuitable operating models can make it difficult for HR teams to reach desired talent and business outcomes.

Our Mercer Agile Organisation Design (OD) Workshop has helped numerous global organizations realize their HR teams’ full potential by building knowledge, understanding, and confidence in designing sustainable HR organizations. Through an interactive and practical agenda, we enable HR to boldly partner with leaders across the business to plan and reach their shared goals.

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Workshop: Agile Organisation Design, Global
  • Understand the end-to-end organisation design/redesign process, the different design options and their suitability in the organisation’s context to support business objectives
  • Build a common language to apply to processes, practical tools, and methodologies.
  • Hands on use of practical tools and approaches that can be immediately applied in the business.
  • Learn the know-how from Mercer’s Organizational Development (OD) subject matter experts, who have facilitated Workshops for local and global brands, to great acclaim.
  • This workshop is a ready-to-run learning intervention designed specifically for your company’s senior HRBPs and senior HR colleagues. The content can be customised to fit your own context to make the learning more relevant and engaging.
  • The Workshop is designed to build HR’s skillset – both technical and consultative.
  • Mercer's Agile Organisation Design workshop co-designs with you the practical tools, processes your team needs to deliver value.
  • Mercer guides you with design insights and organisation benchmarking data across public and private sector organisations.
  • The Workshop draws upon Mercer’s proven ‘Agile Organisation Design’ methodology as a basis for the learning workshop.
  • The Workshop can be delivered virtually (Teams/Zoom) or in-person.
  • Content can be customised to suit context – especially as part of an upcoming or planned workforce transformation, and/or part of your HR capabilities development initiative.

Across four distinct elements of Agile OD, interactive learning sessions will develop a deep understanding in the following:

  • The importance of good organisation design
  • Step-by-Step Approach: Preliminary Assessment, Strategic Organisation Design, Operational Organisation Design, Workforce Transition Planning, and Change Implementation Planning
  • Emerging agile organisation design practices
  • Organisation design case studies
  • Getting started: Practical tools and tips for implementation
  • Lessons learnt: Challenges during implementation

Fees will vary, depending upon:

  • Number of participants
  • Delivery format (i.e. in-person or virtual)
  • Any customisation required

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