Workforce Movement, Global

Monitor employee movement trends in, out, and within companies around the world with data on turnover, workforce changes, hot skills and more.

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Workforce Movement
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Take a proactive approach to managing your workforce in a competitive job market.

It can be difficult to gather and understand the actions that other companies are taking to recruit and retain top talent. This knowledge has become critical in the current competitive climate. Learn more about the overall employment landscape and the pool of talent available to recruit, along with information on where to focus your compensation dollars — whether it’s paying premium for certain skills or using sign on and retention bonuses to attract and keep critical employees.

Market indicators

  • Economic and labor market indicators
  • Employee tenure

Turnover and workforce changes

  • Voluntary, involuntary, total turnover*
  • Hiring intentions, expected change in turnover
  • Percentage of employees promoted

Hot skills, attraction, retention

  • Jobs and skills in demand**
  • Skills with highest pay premiums**
  • Service awards


  • Statutory requirements for individual termination

Note: Some variables may not be available for all markets.

*Overall market only; no career level or industry data.

**Available in global online and single market PDFs only; not included in the region Excel report.

A global online subscription includes 12 months' access to market-specific data for all available markets. Global online includes the Excel reports. Region Excel reports include access to market-specific data for all available markets within the selected region.

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Product details

Published: April 2023

Next release: October 2023