Talent Assessments, Malaysia

Three talent assessment courses to choose from including:

  • Psychometric/Personality Assessments
  • Behavioural Assessments
  • Cognitive/Aptitude Assessments.
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Malaysia | Mercer Learning - Talent Assessments
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Building a future-ready workforce

AI, technology and digital transformation are dominating the discussion and business investment landscape, acting as catalysts for urgent change. Yet on their own, none of these can enable meaningful transformation. Organizations need the right people, skills and experiences to harness the power of new technologies to their advantage and to deliver on the business goals.

How do you ensure you have the right talent in your organization at the right time? Hiring the right people and developing the existing workforce so that they have the skills the organization needs is a critical area of attention for all business and HR leaders today.

Our suite of talent assessment solutions and tools helps organizations get the right talent and the right skills at the right time. From hiring to skill-gap analysis and high-potential identification, success planning, training need identification for measuring training effectiveness, and enabled solutions catered to the diversity and complexity of your organization. We work with every client to design the right assessment architecture based on their needs, culture, and organizational readiness.

a) Psychometric/Personality Assessments

Assessment tools used to objectively measure an individuals personality traits, aptitude, intelligence, abilities and behavioral style. Psychometric assessments are widely used in career guidance and employment to match a persons abilities and personality to a suitable career or role.

b) Behavioural Assessments

Measure Behavioral Competencies in a Simulated Work Environment. These assessments require candidates to demonstrate their Behavioral skills in an activity that resembles an actual organizational situation.

c) Cognitive/Aptitude Assessments

Cognitive ability tests are relevant in predicting learnability & job performance and are hence an integral part of an organisation's learning and development strategy. Mettl's Cognitive test can be customised for use.

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