Talent Assessment: 360 Degree Feedback, Global

End-to-end multi-rater employee impact evaluation tool for the workplace.

Through rating and behavioral feedback from multiple workplace stakeholders, gain insight into the hidden strengths, development areas, and blind spots of your team to maximize their impact in the organization.

A seamless experience for both administrators and participants, Talent Assessment: 360 degree feedback is a platform providing performance measures from different workplace perspectives on measurable behavioral skills, interpersonal skills, domain knowledge, values and more.

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Talent Assessment: 360 degree feedback
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Development and reskilling

Organization planning and cultural change

Performance development

In today’s skills-based society, your talent is the key success driver of your team. Long gone are the days of one-way feedback with organizations now aspiring to create a culture of growth and continual development. Powered by Mercer | Mettl, the Talent Assessment: 360 degree feedback is a premier online multi-rater solution focusing on communicating the strengths and opportunities of development of the individuals on your team.

Utilizing multiple touchpoints from the workplace including self, managers, peers and other observers, the survey process delivers an insightful assessment into the performance and workplace effectiveness of any individual through a range of customizable rating-based and open-ended questions. The solution provides impactful learning and development feedback for the individual from all perspectives, highlighting hidden strengths, development areas, blind spots, as well as insights on the potential for growth in your team.

When to use 360 degree feedback

Development and reskilling

  • Identify training needs and improvement areas by providing employees with insights into how developing certain competencies and skills can help them excel at their jobs
  • Present a holistic overview of an employee’s opportunity to improve their performance and be impactful in the workplace
  • Highlight potential team-development needs to bring up a team’s collective performance.

Organization planning and cultural change (individual leadership development and succession planning)

  • Lean into the full view of an employee including supervisors, peers and customers, the varying levels of hierarchy project contribution and vantage points
  • Support leaders to develop behaviors aligned with organizational transformation
  • Build strong collaborative and effective teams.

Performance development

  • Multi-factor conversation by capturing feedback from a range of stakeholders to view employee progress with relevance to their performance
  • Shift responsibility of evaluations away from one-source, reducing biases concerning behavioral perceptions and focuses on collective growth
  • Focus on learning and provide a pathway to coaching, counselling and career development initiatives.

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Setting up the survey

With a mix of templates and customizable question options, setting up the 360 degree feedback initiative is a simple and easy process. 24/7 help and support is available through the Mercer | Mettl technical team for both the build (admin) and completion (feedback collection) processes.

  • Build the 360 degree questionnaire from templates and tap into the Mercer | Mettl research-based competency question library
  • Get custom-built templates made according to the competency framework needed for your unique requirements
  • Set up the survey participants through bulk upload or manage individual participation

Launching the survey

Once set up is complete, review the survey settings and set the data-collection timelines. Create and personalize the employee communications from templates or create your own by including branding and logos. Next set email reminders and schedule notifications for those completing the survey.

The platform is accessible on multiple devices including desktop and mobile, and survey completion progress is auto-saved – so individuals completing the questionnaire can continue later.

Collecting survey responses and reviewing results

Track progress and results in the platform dashboard, available on both an account level and by-survey, showing a summary of the total number of responses and result highlights. Before the survey closes, there is the option to send ad hoc reminders and notifications to participants.

Upon completion, detailed Mercer | Mettl 360 feedback reports are available, including individual insights into the hidden strengths, blind spots, and group-level reports. Individual dashboard views are customizable based on the type of feedback you would like to share with the team.

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