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Knowledge is powerful. Time is limited. Talent All Access gives you both with quick to find and easy to digest content. Available in a range of different geography options, get easy access to the data, tools and insights you need to help lead your organization toward success.

Make the right decisions with the right data

The Talent All Access® Portal+ (TAAP+) provides your company with access to our portfolio of data products, including our flagship products Global Compensation Planning and the Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines. Find out more about how TAAP can help.

TAAP+ subscribers receive access to all of our data products as well as a vast range of insights (infographics, articles, reports, etc.) and a selection of content that is exclusive to TAAP+, such as custom calculators.

Access data covering a range of topics, including:

  • Compensation: Base salary and total cash, key drivers of pay, promotional increases, salary increases, incentives
  • Benefits: Annual leave policies, transportation policies, transportation costs, parental leave benefits, statutory benefits requirements
  • Workforce: Employment conditions, management span ratios, voluntary and involuntary turnover, in-demand skills

You'll always have access to the most current data

Talent All Access® Portal options provide you with access for 12 months, so you can view all the available reports at the time of your purchase, along with any updates or new report releases during your subscription!

Other benefits:

  • Receive updates when new releases are available
  • Subscribe to Talent All Access newsletters
  • Participate in regular polls and view the live results

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