Work with a provider who can help you agree and build a path to the future for your scheme, maximizing the likelihood of meeting your obligation and delivering your member benefits.

Mercer’s PATH approach offers valuable services through:

  • Putting members first: Your provider places members at the heart of everything they do, ensuring your scheme’s path optimizes the chances of members receiving their benefits in full.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Aligning your stakeholders to an agreed path to the future allows you to avoid spending unnecessary time, money and energy debating what your next step will be, creating a coherent journey for everyone.
  • Stakeholder value: Getting to your destination faster and more cost effectively happens when everyone knows the plan and moves in the same direction. Aligning members and shareholders allows you to reach a goal where everyone’s needs are met.
  • Dynamic solutions: Having everyone aligned with an agreed goal allows you to adapt the provisions by providing a dynamic solution as circumstances change, ensuring you stay informed and on track.
  • A focus on outcomes: Better outcomes for all stakeholders ensure everyone‘s success. PATH helps you reach your destination by showing you where you’re going and always calculating the most efficient route possible.
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