You need a provider who can bring to your small to medium-sized scheme the same focus, expertise and member outcomes enjoyed by larger schemes — but in a cost-effective, low-risk manner.

Mercer’s Lean proposition offers value through:

  • Putting members first. Providers who place members at the heart of everything they do. Ensuring member well-being is core to the advice provided, optimizing the likelihood of delivering benefit promises and fulfilling trustees’ duty of care.
  • Driving toward outcomes. Your advisor uses outcomes-driven strategies so that every decision you make takes you one-step closer to achieving your objectives. You need ideas that are right for you on your journey so you can get to where you want to go along a smooth trajectory.
  • Curating expertise. Your provider  can anticipate potential problems by providing access to a deep and broad set of experts, just as large schemes enjoy. Get curated expertise when you need it.
  • Delivering excellent service. Your trusted scheme management partner takes the steps necessary to provide exceptional service when you need it, whether this is support, information or advice.
  • Staying cost-effective. With responsibilities to your members, you cannot afford to be anything other than lean and efficient. Your provider can bring economies of scale, buying power and operational excellence to your scheme, regardless of size.
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