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Mercer’s skill assessment is an online solution used to measure both technical and soft skills of employees and assess their fit relative to certain job roles. Each skill is targeted to a specific ideal proficiency level and results produce a specific job fit based on this.

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Skill Assessment





Whether assessing leadership capabilities or technical coding skill-sets, this assessment applies a series of tools (psychometrics, behavioral and knowledge) to analyze employees potential and highlight any skills gaps.

Tools to help you develop the right skills for your people:

  • Online Assessments
    • Psychometric assessments (Learning Agility; Orientation & Propensity)
    • Technical assessments & simulators
    • Behavioral assessments & simulators
  • Development centres
  • 360 feedback tool

Mercer Mettl is GDPR compliant.

ISO-9001 Certified ISO 9001 CERTIFIED ISO-27001 Certified ISO 27001 CERTIFIED GDPR Compliant GDPR Compliant

Mercer Mettl's Personality Map is certified by the British Psychological Society

Skill Assessments can aid your organizational transformation by:

  • Redeploying people to respond to business change
  • Help in understanding skill gaps and reskill or upskill opportunities as needed
  • Leveraging workforce skills as a market differentiator
  • Filling succession pipelines with high quality internal candidates
  • Create internal talent mobility based on identified skills
  • Sharing learning and experiences across business roles to remain relevant & agile
  • Addressing technological impact on individual roles
  • Understanding skills most valued for effective performance
  • Foster the internal marketplace

Use Skill Assessments to build a long-term, data-backed upskilling and reskilling strategy:

In adopting skill assessments in your organization you can benefit from:

Designed to fit your needs:
Mercer offers both off the shelf solution or fully customized skill assessments. This versatility allows you to test participants on critical job roles favoring an objectively measured possibility during job mobility.

This assessment platform enables you to design training programme based on the gaps identified by the assessment.

Customizable to your organization:
The report is fully customizable and the self-managed automized dashboard ensures data privacy and protection of participants and stakeholders.
Additionally, the dashboard ensures insightful lenses to support informed decision-making during business transformation. Certification and proctoring functionality can be added to ensure fair assessment.

Main features of the dashboard

  • Completion rate of assessment per day
  • Progress display of the event
  • Data visualization for a specific date range using a filter
  • Filtering data based on unit type and displaying the specific unit dashboard
  • Download pending test participant information


Main features of the L&D (Skills Analysis) Dashboard

  • Participation based on skills
  • Performance distribution based on skills
  • Identification of top and bottom skills
  • Use BU filter to display skill performance of a specific BU
  • Filter data based on unit type and display the specific unit dashboard
  • Download test results

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