Scheme Acutary Expertise

Work with a scheme actuary who prioritizes the delivery of your members’ benefits, ensuring compliance and safe navigation of an ever-changing environment.

Mercer’s scheme actuaries do this by:

  • Putting members first. Your provider places members at the heart of everything they do, ¬†ensuring member well-being is at the core of all advice provided. This approach maximizes the likelihood of delivering members’ benefits and trustees fulfilling their duty of care.
  • Ensuring compliance. The regulatory environment is increasingly complex. Your ¬†provider understands the rules and regulations and can navigate you through them.
  • Staying future-focused. The environment in which you operate is complex and continually changing. Your advisor gives advice today with a weather eye on the future, protecting your members’ interests now and later.
  • Offering FIRM advice. Work with a provider who can meet TPR’s integrated risk management needs in an easily understandable and actionable format. Mercer’s Forensic Integrated Risk Management approach (“FIRM advice”) ensures you stay in control and have visibility of all aspects to address your priorities and a means of measuring success.
  • Curating expertise. You need a provider who can anticipate potential problems and solve them. Your scheme actuary can curate their organization’s experts, making them available to you when you need them.
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