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Determine the right incentive program for your company by evaluating eligibility, targets and actual incentive data for STI, sales and LTI.

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  • Identify which incentives are typically provided in your markets of operation.
  • Create a well-structured incentive program or improve an existing program.
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Incentives Around the World
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Ensure your incentive programs are competitive

An effectively designed incentive program can help drive individual performance and improve overall company results. With information on short-term, sales, and long-term incentives, you'll gain perspective on which of these incentives are commonly offered and how payouts differ by level. Take a deeper dive into short-term incentives by comparing job families and industries.

What's included

Annual total cash paymix

  • Portion of base salary, allowances, short-term incentives

Short-term and sales incentives

  • Eligibility
  • Percentage receiving
  • Actual as a percentage of base salary
  • Target as a percentage of base salary

Long-term incentives

  • Eligibility
  • Percentage receiving
  • Actual as a percentage of base salary (Black-Scholes and Accounting Cost Method)

Long-term incentive plans

  • Prevalence of LTI vehicles
  • Vesting types and criteria
  • LTI plan structure
  • Performance measures

More details

Current release: February 2024

Next release: February 2025

Languages: Online version can be viewed in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Item type: Online subscription or downloadable file

Type explanation: Global online subscription renews annually unless otherwise indicated.

Market coverage: A global online subscription includes 12 months' access to market-specific data for all available markets. Global online includes Excel and PDF downloads. Region Excel reports include access to market-specific data for all available markets within the selected region.

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