Mobility: Host-Based Approach Survey Reports

A close look at multinational companies' host-based approaches for temporary international assignments across all geographies, whether purely host-based or host-based-plus*.

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Mercer's 2022 Survey of Host-Based Approaches for International Assignments covers general mobility program trends, as well as host-based policies and practices with respect to compensation, benefits and relocation assistance for employees on time-limited international assignments (1-5 years), covering:

  • Trends, management and eligibility for host-based and host-based-plus compensation and benefits
  • Base pay
  • “Plus” allowances and benefits
  • Relocation assistance
  • Short-term and long-term incentives
  • Contract and employment conditions
  • Benefits

Order our Host-Based Approaches for International Assignments Survey Report and gain access to powerful data and resources to help improve your policies and practices for internationally mobile employees:

  • See whether multinational companies use host-based approaches and differentiate them by geography and assignment type or purpose.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the drivers, benefits and challenges of local and local-plus programs.

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*The terms ‘host-based’ and ‘local’ approaches are used interchangeably to differentiate from ‘home-based’ or ‘international’ approaches.

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