Microlearning: Compensation Fundamentals, Global

Build your team’s knowledge with a selection of micro-learning on some of the foundational concepts and activities related to compensation.

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Compensation Fundamentals
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Compensation basics for your HR team.

This microlearning course covers some of the basic concepts and activities related to compensation including common terminology, different types of compensation structures, market pricing, and pay progression. Learn how to work with compensation data and use your knowledge to guide analysis that will inform data based decision-making.

Course curriculum

Level 1: Lay the foundation

The lessons and activities in Level 1 will help to lay a foundation of knowledge for you to build upon when you reach Level 2 of this course.

  • Video: Compensation components
  • Video: Common terminology
  • Video: Variable pay
  • Activity: What is compensation?
  • Video: Compensation guidelines
  • Video: Compensation structure
  • Activity: What is a compensation structure?
  • Video: Job evaluation
  • Video: Compensation administration
  • Video: Compensation strategy
  • Activity: What is an effective compensation strategy?

Level 2: Apply your knowledge

The lessons and activities in Level 2 will teach you how to apply the foundational knowledge you developed in Level 1 of this course.

  • Video: Job descriptions
  • Video: Job evaluation approaches
  • Activity: What is job evaluation?
  • Video: Market pricing
  • Activity: What is market pricing?
  • Video: Analyzing compensation data
  • Video: Working with variable pay data
  • Video: Managing a compensation structure
  • Video: Pay progression
  • Activity: What is pay progression?
  • Video: Pay for performance

Assessment: Are you ready to apply your compensation knowledge?

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