Microlearning: Job Evaluation & Leveling (IPE)

Learn how to apply IPE’s precise job evaluation and leveling methodology to your organization's job structure and put it into practice when using Mercer's TRS data.

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Your guide to Mercer’s International Position Evaluation (IPE) methodology.

This course will help you understand Mercer's core IPE methodology for evaluating and leveling jobs, creating the opportunity to use a wider selection of benchmark market pricing approaches — from the broad ‘all functions regression line’ to the more specific ‘job match and position class. Learn about the five factors of impact, communication, innovation, knowledge and risk, and their 12 dimensions.

Complete each lesson at your own pace and use the activities to check your level of understanding along the way.

Please note, this course provides information on Mercer’s core IPE methodology; a step-by-step overview of Mercer’s IPE tool is not included. Contact us if you would like to receive more information on Mercer’s IPE tool.

Topics covered:

Level 1: Lay the foundation

The lessons and activities in Level 1 will help to lay a foundation of knowledge for you to build upon when you reach Level 2 of this course.

  • Video: Understanding jobs
  • Video: Introduction to job evaluation
  • Video: Types of job evaluation
  • Activity: What is job evaluation?
  • Video: About Mercer's International Position Evaluation (IPE)
  • Activity: What is IPE?
  • Video: Total Remuneration Surveys
  • Video: Market pricing
  • Video: The IPE methodology
  • Activity: How do IPE and TRS work together?

Level 2: Apply your knowledge

The lessons and activities in Level 2 will teach you how to apply the foundational knowledge you developed in Level 1 of this course.

  • Video: 5 factors and 12 dimensions
  • Activity: What are the 5 factors and 12 dimensions?
  • Video: The impact factor — sizing an organization
  • Video: The impact factor — impact & contribution
  • Video: The impact factor — sizing positions
  • Activity: What is the impact factor?
  • Video: The communication factor
  • Activity: What is the communication factor?
  • Video: The innovation factor
  • Activity: What is the innovation factor?
  • Video: The knowledge factor
  • Activity: What is the knowledge factor?
  • Video: The risk factor
  • Activity: What is the risk factor?
  • Video: How to determine position class

Assessment: Are you ready to apply IPE to your organization's jobs?

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Published: June 2022

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