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Mercer is leading the evolution of HR tech to work tech. With so many vendors out there, it is difficult to make sense of the HR tech landscape and even more difficult to determine which solutions could possibly fit into your ecosystem. Make work better with our always on insights platform.

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Fuel your journey to digital

HR Tech Insights on TAAP provides your company with access to market analysis, customizable tools and templates, videos, checklists, data reports, as well as a vast range of insights including infographics, articles, reports, and more.

Fueled by our HR tech market analysts and data-driven research, our always on insights platform helps you make sense of the HR technology landscape and ensure the activities at your organization will make work better.

Always-on resources help you:

  1. Make sense of the today’s HR tech market landscape
  2. Stay ahead of HR tech trends and make sense of what’s real amidst the noise
  3. Develop an HR tech strategy that works
  4. Create a more digital employee experience
  5. Successfully steer your HR tech deployment process
  6. Ready your organization for new tech and sustain the change

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