Microlearning: HR Policy Fundamentals, Global

Designing effective HR policies.

Learn about a range of different types of policies, how to create a new policy and the steps to follow when updating a policy.

This microlearning course provides guidance on the importance of creating and maintaining policies. Learn how to write an effective policy and the steps to follow for maintaining a policy to ensure it is relevant and up-to-date.

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HR Policy Fundamentals
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Course curriculum

Level 1: Lay the foundation

The lessons and activities in Level 1 will help to lay a foundation of knowledge for you to build upon when you reach Level 2 of this course.

  • Video: Why HR policies are important
  • Video: Employee position and role
  • Video: Country-specific policies
  • Activity: Why are country-specific policies necessary?
  • Video: Performance and reward policies
  • Video: Policies for HR
  • Video: Labor relations
  • Activity: What types of policies are essential to an organization?

Level 2: Apply your knowledge

The lessons and activities in Level 2 will teach you how to apply the foundational knowledge you developed in Level 1 of this course.

  • Video: Writing an effective policy
  • Video: Policy approvals
  • Video: Policy communications
  • Activity: What is an effective policy?
  • Video: Maintaining policies
  • Activity: Why revise an existing policy?
  • Video: Reviewing and updating a policy
  • Video: Socializing policy revisions
Assessment: Are you ready to apply your HR policy knowledge?

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