HR Conference, Australia

An exciting full day of learning and networking from experts and thought leaders on topics that are shaping the future of work.

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8:00amRegistration and Networking
Light breakfast on arrival
8:25amIntroduction & Agenda
Welcome guests and give a quick overview of the day’s proceedings
8:30amExploring the adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the workplace
In this agenda, we will delve into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the modern workplace. Our focus will be on key topics that shed light on how AI can enhance efficiency through the integration of AI-powered automation, streamline tasks, and optimise workflows. We will explore how AI enables data-driven decision making by providing valuable insights that inform strategic choices. Additionally, we will discuss how AI fosters innovation and addresses ethical considerations, acknowledging the challenges that arise with AI adoption.
10:00amMorning Tea
Morning Tea will be provided on site
10:30am ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) Insights with Keynote Speaker
We will talk about the rising appeal of companies with a strong ESG focus for graduates entering the workforce. We will explore how the ESG values embraced by these companies align with the values of the current and emerging workforce, resulting in heightened employee engagement, loyalty, and decreased turnover. Furthermore, we will explore how a company's dedication to social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and ethical business practices cultivates a sense of purpose among employees. Q&A will be available at the end of the presentation.
11:30amSpeed Networking
Join this fast-paced session to make meaningful connections with fellow attendees from our diverse industry groups attending the conference. This is an opportunity to exchange ideas, share insights and we will provide our curated icebreakers and timed rotations to ensure you will connect with a variety of participants.
12:20pm Lunch
Lunch will be provided on site
1:30pm Navigating change in the workplace
The most important factor when navigating change in the workplace is cultivating a culture of adaptability. In this session, we will explore practical strategies to develop such a culture, including effective communication, employee involvement, providing resources and training, leading by example, and measuring progress. Embracing adaptability empowers organisations to thrive in a dynamic business landscape and empowers employees to tackle new challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.
2:30pm Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea will be provided on site.
3:00pm Break-out Session run by your Client Engagement Manager
Throughout the breakout sessions, attendees will convene in industry-aligned rooms, fostering targeted discussions on sector-related topics and challenges. Your Mercer Industry experts will lead these sessions, sharing remuneration trends and insights.
4:00pm Conference Close - Networking over canapés and drinks

*Note: Agenda, session timings and speakers are all subject to change without notice

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