2024 Guide to Social Security, United States

Now in its 52nd edition, use this best-selling resource to explain Social Security and how to get the most out of these benefits.

In our fast-paced world — where information can be obtained seemingly anywhere — it’s crucial to deliver trusted information, especially when it comes to helping employees and clients with their retirement plans. Social Security typically covers only around 40% of an average retiree's income, so it's important to supplement it with employer-sponsored retirement programs, personal investments, and savings.

The Guide to Social Security is an easy-to-understand resource that offers clear and accurate information on Social Security retirement, disability, and survivor benefits. Your employees and clients are contributing to Social Security today and it will be a significant source of income in the future. This guide will help them understand what to do and when to do it as they plan for their retirement.

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2024 Guide to Social Security

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