Forensic Integrated Risk Management

You need a provider who can deliver an integrated, comprehensive and repeatable risk assessment of your scheme, enabling you to optimise the likelihood of delivering on the scheme’s commitments to its members. A provider who can provide confidence risk assessment is done independently, transparently and actionably, including when Mercer is already involved with the scheme.   

Mercer’s Forensic Integrated Risk Management (FIRM) Assessment does this by:

  • Putting members first. You need a provider who places members’ interests at the heart of the assessment, reflecting all the scheme elements that affect members’ benefits and assessing them in an integrated, proportionate way.
  • Driving towards outcomes. You need a provider whose approach will be easy to understand and enable you to develop a clear, actionable plan. You need a strategy that will, in subsequent years, allow for transparency about progress made and provide the ability to course-correct as circumstances change and evolve.
  • Ensuring compliance. You need a provider whose approach aligns with the TPR’s 2020 Funding Consultation Code to provide an evidenced, scheme-specific governance system for risk assessment which is repeatable.
  • Providing comprehensive, integrated insights. You need a provider who can bring to the independent assessment knowledge of a broad and diverse range of areas, from administration to covenant, from long-term funding targets to members’ experience (and everything in between).
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