Mobility: Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices, Global

Access current trends and benchmarking data about strategic mobility management and long-term assignment policies and practices.

One of the most comprehensive and established market surveys of its kind, our Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices (WIAPP) helps you uncover the current trends in global mobility programs in general and long-term assignment management in particular, in order to gain actionable insights and benchmark your approaches. 

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The latest reports from our Worldwide International Assignment Policies and Practices survey (WIAPP), conducted during February and March 2023, offer current and comprehensive insights into:

Strategic mobility management

Based on data from over 360 participating organizations, the report outlines the why and how of global talent mobility programs, their direction and how they fit within broader company strategies.

  • What drives international talent mobility
  • Where mobility management fits within an organization
  • How it relates to talent management
  • The organization and responsibilities of the mobility function, including operating models, digitalization and technology
  • Demographic trends
  • International assignment policy framework trends

Long-term assignment* policies and practices

The report explores long-term assignment (LTA) policy and practice trends from over 300 participating organizations, and their evolution since the 2020 survey edition.

  • LTA trends and demographics, policy frameworks and program administration
  • Remuneration approaches
  • Tax, social security and compliance
  • Allowances and benefits including cost of living (COL) / goods and services (G&S), housing, education, transportation and more
  • Hardship / quality of living (QOL) premiums and rest-and-recreation leave
  • Security and emergency evacuation measures
  • Pre-assignment support and relocation assistance
  • Repatriation and localization

The WIAPP also facilitates a review with Mercer's Policy Benchmarking service . We can assess your mobility program using precise benchmarking tools and report on gaps in your program that could be costing you money or valuable competitive advantage. For more information, please contact us or speak to your mobility consultant.

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