Mobility: Rotator Assignment Survey, Global

A uniquely specialized assignment survey to keep you informed about policies, practices and trends for global businesses with rotator assignees.

Changing demographics, security issues, government restrictions, talent shortages and compliance are just some of the challenges that global businesses with rotator assignees face. Rotators are often based in remote locations and work extended workdays/weeks, typically unaccompanied, differentiating their situation from that of typical expatriates. For global mobility managers, managing rotator assignments presents a series of separate and often unique issues. Stay competitive in the face of these challenges with this uniquely specialized assignment survey.

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Rotator Assignments Survey
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Types of Rotators Included

Rotator assignees are employees who alternate a period of work with a period of nonwork in a location of residence on a fixed or predefined schedule. The survey covers onshore and offshore rotators, whether contractors or salaried employees.

Key Highlights:

  • More than two-thirds of participants have a specific, formal policy for rotational assignments.
  • Three-quarters of participants agree that their international policy must be reviewed to ensure a competitive proposition for rotators in the upcoming years.
  • Two-thirds of respondents recognized difficult working conditions as a challenge to talent attraction  while one-third indicated that extreme working conditions and difficult schedules can be an obstacle to retaining talent.
  • Overtime compensation varies according to whether employees are salaried or paid hourly and according to position level (professional or para-professional).
  • In a majority of participants’ organizations, rotators are not entitled to vacation or paid time off.

Data Analyzed

  • Program demographics
  • Administration
  • Rotation schedule
  • Compensation approach
  • Allowances and benefits
  • Vacation and home trips
  • Taxation

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