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Technology industry compensation and workforce metrics benchmarking

  • Comptryx is a workforce analytics platform to benchmark remuneration and demographics, uncover trends in the industry and analyze your workforce through labor cost modeling.
  • Measure your workforce metrics against competitors in the tech industry across a variety of business critical functions including cybersecurity, software engineering and more.
  • Reporting quarterly in over 100 countries, the tool covers a range of industries including aerospace/defense, consumer tech, fintech, eCommerce, SaaS and more.

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Mercer | Comptryx

+3.5 mil incumbents

+21,000 benchmarked jobs

+500 top tech & tech-focused companies

+900 subscribing companies

Key highlights

  • Data modules: (1) Global pay and (2) Organization and workforce metrics
  • Modeling tools: (1) Labour cost modeling, (2) 5-year Pay and Metrics Analysis, and (3) Geographic Pay Differentials
  • Insights Dashboards reporting on (1) DEI, (2) Talent Flow, and (3) Compensation
  • Evergreen database with four updates per annum
  • Quarterly spot surveys on:
    1. 1. Salary increases (via Salary Budget Survey), and
    2. 2. Hot Topics in the Tech Industry (2022 results included: crypto as a comp currency, GEO salary differentials, tech staffing changes)
  • Easy reporting capabilities and pre-designed templates
  • Self-managed platform with unlimited users
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