Accounting and Advisory Firms Remuneration Review, Australia

The Accounting and Advisory Firms Remuneration Review oversees industry people-trends so you can stay ahead of the movements in the market.

It is one of the largest collections of legal remuneration data across the nation. With participants ranging from top tier firms to smaller boutique firms, the survey provides empirical data to cater for all types of peer group comparisons.

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Report features:

  • High incumbent counts, including key positions like external audit, tax consulting, tax services/advisory, corporate finance, accounting and risk advisory roles.
  • Complete career level ranges: from entry level, mid-career, specialist consultant, manager, senior managers, principals, directors and executive roles providing detailed salary benchmarking ranges.
  • Summaries of remuneration movements, salary forecasts and workforce trends.
  • A dedicated product manager providing expertise analysis and support from the data collection to the presentation of the final report and everything in between!

Firms can stay abreast on the movement of the market, how fast the salary moves at certain career levels and in certain locations. We provide historical trends and give a sense of how hot and cold the market currently is.

The Review uses Mercer Job Library framework across the globe, where jobs are categorised based on the nature of work. You can have multiple locations with various job titles being used in different office, having common 'nature of work' can be used to keep benchmarking consistent.

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Current release: November 2023

Next release: November 2024

Item type: Online

Type explanation: By subscribing to this review, you will be required to participate and contribute data to this survey on an annual basis. Additional subscription benefits are also included as part of this package.

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