Rewards & Talent Management Insights: Digital Workforces, Asia Pacific

Access HR insights and industry benchmarks for digital roles in APAC.

The 2022 Digital Workforces in Asia Pacific: Rewards & Talent Management report aims to provide you with relevant market insights to help you understand and adapt the most competitive talent & reward strategy for the digital roles you need to win in the market.

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Does the rise of tech talent layoffs imply a normalizing demand for digital talent?

Our survey with responses from more than 250 organizations indicates otherwise.

We find that certain critical skills are, and will continue to be in demand in APAC – notably as companies are looking at segmenting their reward and talent management practices across key industries. How then, are organizations in these industries creating a strong EVP to motivate, attract and retain top tech talent?

About the report

With data from more than 250 organizations in the Asia Pacific region, the report covers HR insights, benchmarking and hot topics across industries on the digital-age workforce. Gain access to survey insights on:

  • Composition of Digital Workforce & Structures
  • Differentiated Reward Management Practices & Insights
  • How companies are assessing and investing in Digital Skills to support their Digital Transformation Journey
  • Key Talent Management practices that support the attraction & retention of critical Digital Talent
  • And more!

Industries covered:

  • Technology & E-Commerce
  • Consumer goods & lifestyle retail
  • Chemical
  • Life Sciences
  • Financial

Career Streams analyzed:

  • Executive - Sub Function Head
  • Manager / Senior Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Specialist / Senior Professional
  • Professional (1-2 years/experience

Digital functions covered:

  • Algorithm
  • Applications Development
  • Art Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence/Data Analysis
  • Category Management
  • Content Operation


  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce Sales
  • IT Security
  • Product/Brand Marketing


  • Live Streamer
  • Project Management
  • UI Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Social Community Marketing
  • Social Media Operation
  • Technical Operations