Data Analytics and Actuarial Remuneration Review, Australia

The Data Analytics and Actuarial Survey is an industry-renowned survey that serves as a valuable resource for assessing salary benchmarking within the data analytics and actuarial fields. This survey is designed to provide comprehensive insights into compensation trends and industry standards, enabling organisations and professionals to make informed decisions regarding salaries and benefits.

Note: GST will be added at time of purchase if purchased in Australia. By subscribing to this review, you will be required to participate and contribute data to this survey on an annual basis. Additional subscription benefits are also included as part of this package. Please contact for further information.

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Report features:

  • Two reports released annually - Q2 edition released in May and Q4 released in November.
  • Current movements, industry overviews and survey trends.
  • A summary of remuneration data by position.
  • Online access to information, allowing detailed data mining and comparison tools.
  • Benefits and HR practices (November release only).

By collecting data on job titles, experience levels, geographic locations, and other relevant factors aiming to provide an accurate representation of salary ranges and compensation packages within the sector.

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Published: May/November

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