Car Policy Report, Egypt

The Egypt Car Policy Report is a survey that captures how the automotive market in Egypt is responding to changes in the industry.

This report provides up-to-date market data to help HR managers benchmark their policies and assess their competitive position in a fast-moving environment.

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Purchasing the full benchmarking report will give you access to:

  • Data from different industry sectors - Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, High Tech.
  • Insights into Car Policy components such as: General Car policy, Company car, Cash Allowance in Lieu and Car Lease.
  • Insights into Car Policy components such as: Eligibility, Car Replacement, Car Choice, Car Expenses and Car Loan.
  • Presents data on actual Car Prices and expense by employee group.

This survey was conducted in March-April 2023 with the participation of 108 organizations

The report will provide information on:

  • General Car Policies
  • Company Cars
  • Cash in Lieu of Car
  • Car Leases
  • Car Loans

Non-Participant Pricing

General Market: $2,000

Industry Cut vs General Market: $2,500

Peer Group Cut vs. General Market: $2,750

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