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Learn which factors impact pay the most and how pay differs relative to the market average.

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Global Compensation Drivers
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Use your compensation budget wisely

Every market is unique and has its own nuances. By understanding which demographic factors (industry, location, job family, etc.) influence pay the most, you can start to build a pay structure that works for your organization and the markets where you operate. A well designed pay structure, that is properly aligned with the market, not only helps to retain employees by ensuring pay is competitive, but also allows you to hire into your organization while staying within your budget.

Key data reported

  • Key drivers of pay
  • Market pay differentials by key driver

Key drivers included

  • Career level
  • Employee age
  • Geographic region
  • Geographic scope of responsibility
  • Headquarter country location
  • Industry
  • Job family
  • Job level
  • Nationality

Note: Not all drivers are reported in every market.

Product details

Published: February 2023

Next release: February 2024

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