Car Policy Report, Egypt

Egypt Car Policy Report presents the results of the 2023 Egypt Car Policy Spot Poll Survey, which aims to capture how the market is responding to the changing dynamics in the automotive industry.

This report provides an up-to date market data in a fast moving environment to enable HR managers benchmark their policies and validate their competitive position.

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Purchasing the full benchmarking report will give you access to:

  • Data from different industry sectors - Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, High Tech.
  • Insights into Car Policy components such as: General Car policy, Company car, Cash Allowance in Lieu and Car Lease.
  • Insights into Car Policy components such as: Eligibility, Car Replacement, Car Choice, Car Expenses and Car Loan.
  • Presents data on actual Car Prices and expense by employee group.

This survey was conducted in March-April 2023 with the participation of 108 organizations

The report will provide information on:

  • General Car Policies
  • Company Cars
  • Cash in Lieu of Car
  • Car Leases
  • Car Loans

Non-Participant Pricing

General Market: $2,000

Industry Cut vs General Market: $2,500

Peer Group Cut vs. General Market: $2,750

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