Domestic Mobility Survey, Australia

A database specific to Australia’s domestic mobility environment. With domestic relocations increasingly in high demand, the survey aims to provide insights, trends and benchmark data to help organisations review their current policies and practices.

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Australian Domestic Mobility Survey
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Relocating employees from one location to another is an exciting, yet complicated process. Making sure that the employee is properly incentivised to make the move is important. It is equally important to ensure that the move is fair in comparison to prior employee relocations, is competitive with the market at large, and is in line with company budgets.

Mercer’s Australian Domestic Mobility (ADM) survey addresses key elements of an employee relocation program and provides you with benchmark data to create a program that aligns to your talent strategy.

Included in the survey are details on the issues involved in transferring an employee from low-cost to high-cost locations and other talent mobility areas centered around the relocation process.

This survey focuses on four main assignment types: short-term, long-term, permanent one-way, and fly in-fly out moves. Specific policy topics founds within the survey include:

  • Policy Exceptions
  • Housing, Settling in, Miscellaneous Relocation Allowances
  • LAFHA (Living Away From Home Allowances)
  • Home Sale and Purchase
  • Allowances for Remote Locations
  • Drive in – Drive out arrangements
  • The impact of COVID-19 on Domestic Policy Strategies
  • And much more!

Ensure your relocation policy is up-to-date so you can move employees where you need them, with confidence and ease.

About Mercer’s Domestic Mobility Survey (ADM)

Mercer’s ADM survey deep dives into the trends regarding people-movement for work. The survey continues to be recognised by organisations as a key driver for their competitive framework of policies and practices. Insights are observed through the collection of data, and provided as a national overview as well as segmented by industries, covering sectors from consumer goods to mining and metals. Key observations include relevant obstacles to mobility such as lack of policy flexibility, changes to assignment management and weighing up the key considerations of domestic vs international relocations. These will help you better develop policies that listen to the needs of your employees, tailored to your organisation's culture and the industry blueprint.

The latest survey shows conclusively that domestic mobility continues to be recognised by organisations as a vital factor in their growth and success, despite the challenges of having a sustainable and yet competitive framework of policies and practices.

And, if you need even more insights, custom cuts are also available. A custom cut of the ADM survey allows you to select a minimum of ten participating organisations for a more specialised look.

Please contact us ( to purchase a custom cut of the survey. As a participant, you’ll receive discounted pricing on the survey results.

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Published: December 2022

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