eLearning: Ergonomic Recommendations for a Healthier Work Environment

Ergonomic Workstation Video – Ensure your workstation is set up to reduce the risk of injury and muscle fatigue

Do you find that your employees come to you with various aches and pains? Have you considered that their workstation could be contributing to their pain? For many employers, a simple video is the answer, allowing employees to safely set up their work environment.

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Ergonomic Recommendations for a Healthier Work Environment


Ensure your employees are working in the healthiest environment possible to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and fatigue. Make the most of this short, powerful video which explains, in simple language, how best to set up your workstation to ensure it isn’t going to cause pain and discomfort during the work day. The video covers both seated and standing workstations, giving your employees simple tips to ensure they are always looking out for their environment.

Developed by our expert workforce health advisors, this short video will leave your employees feeling confident they are setting up a healthy work station.

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