Defined Contribution (DC) Master Trust

A defined contribution (DC) Master Trust provider prioritizes your members’ needs and drives engagement and return on investment using leading-edge platforms and approaches to execute their investment philosophy.

Mercer’s DC Master Trust offers valuable services through:

  • Putting members first. Your provider places members at the heart of everything they do; giving them access to all the information they require ensuring their well-being and the opportunity to retire well.
  • Investment philosophy. Your provider can balance risk and cost over the provision period using an open architecture that enables a “best in breed” approach.
  • A future-proofed platform. Your provider has a platform that is right for your members today and in the future, accounting for the ever-changing nature of technology.
  • Safety and security.  Reassure members that you have transitioned to a secure environment where risk is controlled and managed and where members are at the core of your decisions.
  • Transformation: Your provider will allow you to transform, relaunch and reenergize your pension benefit and increase engagement.
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