Defined Contribution (DC) Consulting

A defined contribution advisor who members first, and engages them in a way that aims to increase the value of their pension schemes. 

Mercer’s DC consultants offer valuable services through:

  • Putting members first: Providers place members at the heart of everything they do. This member-centric approach optimizes the likelihood of members achieving their needs and aspirations when retiring while supporting trustees in fulfilling their duty of care.
  • Quantifiable value: Providers consistently add value to your pension scheme by providing smarter investment options, clearer and more engaging communications, and more robust governance. Your provider will enhance your members’ experience and the broader position of your fund in terms of portfolio construction and global risk factors, such as climate change.
  • Curated expertise: Providers can anticipate potential problems and utilize a network of experts to help you prevent them. Your provider can curate their organization’s experts, making them available to you when you need them.
  • A comprehensive view: You will benefit from an integrated and holistic view of the entire market. Your provider will offer you the level of service you require, when you need it — everything from standalone tools alone to comprehensive scheme support.
  • Dynamic solutions: Your advisor can provide a dynamic solution, taking into account short- and long-term changes to the market.ou need a dynamic solution from your advisor. Your advisor will stay close to you through change, helping you take a strategic approach while staying focused on your objectives.
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