Defined Benefit (DB) Investment Consulting

A defined benefit (DB) investment advisor remains focused on your investment goals while reacting nimbly to changing market conditions and opportunities.

Mercer’s DB investment advisors offer valuable services through:

  • A focus on outcomes: Advisors are forensically focused on outcomes so that every investment decision you make takes you one step closer to achieving your objectives.
  • Curated expertise:  Providers can anticipate problems and react accordingly. Your investment advisor can curate experts, making them available to you when you need them.
  • FIRM advice:  Providers  give you the right advice, mindful of the bigger picture. Mercer’s Forensic Integrated Risk Management approach (“FIRM advice”) ensures that the investment advice is part of this holistic view. You stay in control and have an aligned plan to address your priorities and a means of measuring success.
  • Dynamic solutions:  Providers  can take advantage of changing market conditions while taking a strategic approach and ensuring any changes remain consistent with the agreed objectives.
  • Efficient execution:  A pragmatic advisor will ensure any changes are executed promptly.
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