Comprehensive Retirement Benchmarking, United States

Make sure you’re keeping pace with market trends.

Results can be utilized to:

  • Benchmark retirement benefits against competitive practice.
  • Assess reasonableness.
  • Understand value.
  • Identify features/designs that are not aligned with market practice or business objectives.

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Retirement benefits are a key component of total rewards programs and your employee value proposition. Continually assessing the elements of your retirement program, to ensure they achieve an appropriate balance that is responsible and does not create undue risk, is important.

In order to better understand how your retirement plans compare to the market, Mercer maintains the Executive and Broad-based Employee Retirement Tool (EBeRT) which has current and historical data on all types of retirement plans, benefits levels, and plan features. Using this data in combination with Mercer’s consulting expertise, we can help you make decisions with confidence.

This database is maintained based on public information and gives you:

  • Robust retirement information for more than 1,000 US companies
  • Information on a company-named basis
  • Analysis by custom peer group, industry, and/or revenue scope
  • Trend information going back 15+ years
  • Data covering 401(k), pension, deferred compensation, and nonqualified plans

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