Sales Incentive Plans, Global

Discover how key factors can optimize sales incentive plans for your company.

Competitive sales incentive plans can help attract and retain key talent, drive individual performance and improve overall company results. Design and structure sales incentive plans to meet your company’s needs by understanding the best approach to eligibility, performance measures, timing, payout and governance within your market.

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Sales Incentive Plans
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Topics covered:

Plan design

  • Plan type
  • Sale roles and focus

Quotas and performance measures

  • Quota mix and duration
  • Performance measures

Plan mechanics

  • Performance thresholds and gateways
  • Incentive calculation
  • Attainment rates
  • Differentiated reward
  • Incentive caps
  • Plan administration and management
  • New employees
  • Plan governance
  • Sales plan effectiveness

Beyond the sales plan

  • Sales recognition programs
  • Attraction/retention of sales employees

Available markets

Check out this list of markets available for Sales Incentive Plans.

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Current release: November 2022

Next release: Not planned

Languages: English

Item type: PDF

Market coverage: Single market PDF reports available for select markets.