High-Tech Total Remuneration Database, Australia

Make sure that your reward packages remain cost effective and competitive in the marketplace.

Be part of Mercer's High-Tech Total Remuneration Database (TRD) and get access to reliable, up-to-date information on pay and benefits prevalence. The High-Tech TRD provides technology companies with consistent, accurate and high quality market data covering the full reward package, including all forms of cash compensation, long-term incentives and benefits.

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The High-Tech Remuneration Database (TRD) consists of executive and non-executive compensation data for the high-tech industry from organisations in the hardware, software, telecommunications, semiconductor, consulting and professional services sectors.

Be part of Mercer's High-Tech Total Remuneration Database (TRD) and ensure your reward packages remain cost effective and competitive in the marketplace.

  • Access up-to-date pay information to make the most impact on your pay and rewards management.
  • Access to both executive and non-executive compensation data.
  • Two releases per year February and August.
  • Over 100 high-tech organisations in Australia participate covering a broad spectrum including:
    • Software/application development
    • IT consulting
    • Telecommunications
  • High-tech product/devices

Firms can stay abreast on the movement of the market, how fast the salary moves at certain career levels and in certain locations. We provide historical trends and give a sense of how hot and cold the market currently is.

The Review uses Mercer Job Library framework across the globe, where jobs are categorised based on the nature of work. You can have multiple locations with various job titles being used in different office, having common 'nature of work' can be used to keep benchmarking consistent.

Additional Benefits

By purchasing the Australian High-Tech Total Remuneration Database, you are not only accessing our comprehensive review you are also subscribing to participate which entitles you to a range of benefits:

  • An executive summary of the latest market trends.
  • Base pay, allowances, incentives and benefits information.
  • Exclusive online data mining capabilities and survey delivery online through Mercer WIN®
  • Access to the latest market information through regular survey updates.
  • Conduct analysis using various filters such as revenue, head count, geographic responsibility and industry segment.

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Current release: February 2024

Next release: August 2024

Item type: Online, MercerWIN

Type Explanation: By subscribing to this review, you will be required to participate and contribute data to this survey on an annual basis. Additional subscription benefits are also included as part of this package.

# Organisations: 141

# Observations: 99,166

# Positions: 3,952

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