Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ (MBM), Indonesia – Industry specific cut

With data from Mercer’s APAC Benefits Survey, which is conducted with 400 companies in Indonesia, the Benefits Prevalence Report and Benefits Practice Report Summary will provide you with a quick overview of your benefits policies to ensure that your benefits strategy remains competitive.

Participating company list is available upon request.

The report is available in English.

The reports will include information on the typical benefits for a given market for the following:

Core Benefits

  • Leave & holidays
  • Medical benefits - outpatient & inpatient
  • Insurance benefits
  • Supplementary retirement
  • Allowances & subsidies

Strategic benefits

  • Health & wellness
  • Flexible benefits
  • Perquisites
  • Training & development
  • Employee recognition awards
  • Long-service awards

Employment conditions

  • Working hours and overtime policies
  • Re-employment policies
  • Contract employment
  • Termination & redundancy
  • Flexible work arrangements

Mobility-related benefits

  • Vehicle benefits
  • Business travel - domestic & international
  • Local plus benefits

You will be able to understand your benefits positioning against the market through the data showing the prevalence & practices of each benefit, along with the descriptive statistics in P25, P50 (median), average, and P75.

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