Prevalence Reports, United States

Comparing plan prevalence at several levels, these reports provide qualitative comparisons and quantifiable statistics to help identify cost savings and retention risks

Key plan features are compared to those of multiple peers customizable by size and industry. Each report provides information on Retirement/Savings, Health and Group, Paid Leave, Life/Disability, and Work Life Benefits.

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Prevalence Reports
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These reports provide an opportunity to:

  • Understand current practices.
  • Identify appropriate benefits package.
  • Target potential plan changes and opportunities for cost savings.
  • Gauge the overall attractiveness of benefits.
  • Remain competitive.

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Benefit Section

Mercer’s benefits database is continuous and updated each month and contains information on:

  • Health/Group: Medical, dental, flexible spending accounts, and post-retirement medical plans.
  • Retirement/Savings: Defined benefit, defined contribution, and stock purchase plans.
  • Paid Leave: Vacation, holiday, personal leave, PTO banks, sick leave plans.
  • Life/Disability: life insurance plans.
  • Work Life Benefits: Work flexibility, wellness/fitness, family assistance, and financial assistance.

Benefit Prevalence Report

Categorizing benefits data by level for selected plan features allows for an easy comparison of an organization's benefits offering. Gain qualitative comparison and quantifiable statistics of plan features for basic benchmarking on Retirement/Savings, Health and Group, Paid Leave, Life/Disability, and Work Life Benefit plans.

Report Options

  • All Organizations Report (Market Peer Group)
  • Custom Peer Group
  • Industry Peer Group

Benefit Assessment

A customized report presenting prevalence statistics and commentary on major types of employee benefits. This report summarizes the differences among the plan provisions of your offerings and those of the comparator group and pinpoints the individual plan features that drive your position relative to the comparators.

Summary of Plan Statistics

Showing statistics of the benefit plan features of all covered plans; the Summary of Plan Statistics report shows the mean and most prevalent responses as well as the response, (i.e. Retirement, Health and Group, Paid Leave, Life/Disability, and Work Life Benefits) in the 10th, 25th, 75th, and 90th percentiles. Compiled from the Mercer Benefits Database, this report represents information from over 1,000 US organizations and provides easy-to-use tables to compare/contrast your plan design with the market.


  • Mean (average): The sum of all data reported divided by the number of observations in the sample.
  • Number of Plans: The number of benefit plans provided by the organizations reporting data for the benefit plan feature.
  • Percentiles: 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th.
  • Number of Organizations: The number of organizations reporting data for the benefit plan feature. Each feature is analyzed individually using the data for that benefit plan only.
  • Most Frequent (mode): The response that occurs the most often for the benefit plan feature.

Summary of Plan Features

Displaying employee benefit plans in a confidential side-by-side format, the Summary of Plan Features (SPF) report easily compares the organization plans to the peer group plans.

Report Options

SPF is included in the Benefits Valuation Analysis or can be purchased as a stand-alone report. Organizations are able to select various peer organizations, which are masked for confidentiality.

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